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12th August 2002

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#1 15 years ago

hi guys, im going to be doing a komari vosa skin, ive been thinking of doing it using the ladybrena model.

but i have a question, im trying to get rid of the hood and her robe behind her, anyone have any idea how i could do this.

ive added a picture of komari vose so you can see what she is like.



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19th January 2003

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#2 15 years ago

I have a few suggestions. In the npcs.cfg file (in assets0.pke) you will see listed within the jan section these lines:

surfOff "torso_vest hips_chaps torso_computer head_goggles torso_comp hips_belt" surfOn "torso_augment_off hips_augment_off hips_torso_off"

It is this file which turns off jans goggles and vest. Perhaps you can use this line to get rid of ladybrena's hood & robe, or perhaps if this didn't work, you could addust it to effect her hood/robe insted.

Or if these did not work, try this trick. Take the jpeg's of her hood and robe (if seperate. Don't know if they are), and edit them with a graphics program like paintshop or easypeg (which I use), by making them totally black. This results (I use it for sabers) in the edited jepeg becomming invisible. You see, the game has trouble seeing total black, but will still read it like it was there. Hence, the robe and hood will be there, you just will not be able to see it.

Hope this helps as I have not tryed this before, except with editing sabers. Let us know what happens, k?

Bye, and remember, "live long and mod"