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26th August 2002

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#1 16 years ago

:mad: :mad: Im almost thre - the MATRIX pack with agent smith neo and trinity is almost complete - what started as a skin pack(finished) now comprises alternates of trinity and neo with jackets --- One prob is that ive got the models accross to MS3D and edited the original models to add jackets and change base features but the only way out is to compile the model into a Q3D file for quake 3 the export through MD3 viewer - I GOT THE IDEA FROM A FRENCH JK2 SITE

But im having the prob that the model base comes accross butnotthe skin with - Im having great trouble not knowing exactly what to do with the flags bullshit and applying the materials- IS THERE AN EASIER SOLUTION TO REMOVING MODEL GROUPS / EDITING THE MODEL STRUCTURE AND STILL STAYING WITHIN GLM FORMAT????? I just need a little help so experienced modelers help pls!! also thanx Covax for the assist :rock: :rock:

Blade vampires (3) finished-!!!!!- Cenobite Clan (3) in prod--Jet Li --Alt Neo Skins(almost done) I JUST WANT TO ADD DAMM JACKETS AND BASIC FACE EDITS - NO MAX4 ASSISTS