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I don't spend enough time here

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1st April 2003

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#1 17 years ago

I am not good at moddeling... I will admit that...

But I got ideas.. So if any of you good moddelers wants to hear some just tell me...


Padawan Carpenter

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20th December 2002

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#2 17 years ago

if this is a stingy way to try and get a model done...

1. i aint a modeller, but i know they dont like requests, they make models for themselves, not for us and chose to release them to the jk community,

2. models take time, so the modeller needs a certain interest

3. not many modellers really live on these forums

id suggest for requests to goto but nearly every single modeller has their hands full on multiple projects, and even more so their personal lives...

i can tell you a few interesting SW characters are in the works..

plo koon saessee tiin a jedi mon calamari(thats right the mon calamari wasnt finished) eeth koth pablo-jill (they might be having problems!) quinlan vos (theres been breif news here, same with a new yoda) bothan jedi master(on hold till someone does i tihnk the shaders)

non sw related: two seperate legolas (lotr) orc(havent read a thing on, but its there sauron(may have been stopped) vegitto(some forms of super saiyan, conversion from quake 3) a girl version of hte halo guy(called master cheifette) loin-o frim thundercats(whoever that is)

thats all i can tihnk of off the top of my head the forum is graced with psykosith, toonces, tex360, tercero (his comp is down... so so is hte new anakin hes building so i didnt add it) tex360 i havent seen posting at all im pretty new htere, toonces occasionally, hes got a hectic life with work etc, psyko is real nice talks to everyone, voices his opinion, and listens there are some new, very talented modellers there too...

i could keep bullshitting(i tend to when im tired, as you can probably read) but i hope you can find some of this info useful