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7th May 2003

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#1 15 years ago

I need a player modeller to help me out in this prob i came up with after the .xsi exporting. Tried all tecnics i know of, 50/50 weighting, aligning to the stupidtriangle_off, xfrom, etc... Nothing worked, after the exporting a few meshes like torso rotate n move out of place... I got help in forums till i finally managed to reach this final stage, but somethin is defently wrong... Like in forums we have to w8 long for an answer and/or we get a question to ask after reading it, makin us w8 a bit longer, im here begging for someones help... Just wanted to talk in yahoo or somethin to a modeller at the same time i work on that prob, that way would be a lot faster n easier n i would understand more all the stuff... Pls someone IM me on yahoo, my ID is: jedi_carnage_3000

Thx in advance...