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22nd March 2003

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#121 17 years ago

I'm sure it will be downloaded a lot it may or may not be downloaded as many times but it's coming on well you can't think after all of this their just going to give up i know you said "No offense" hellfire jedi but what you said is wrong people will download it weather it is better or not better than yours it will still be a downloaded mod.

I am learning to model anyway but it is like it has new models the models they used so far look perfect and are really good skins so there was no point in you guys moddling all of them anyway the one this team has made is just right.

Fighting for Gigaman1 fighting against what Hellfire Jedi said.:)

By the way i tried but my moddling is the worst everyone puts a skleton then makes it gray some how and when i put a sqeare it can not be shaped or anything because i don't know how so i tried building it up of speares and failed in the attemp to making it look like a professonal model.


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12th June 2003

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#122 17 years ago

to be honest these guys are doling cool things and i realy cant wait until the mod is done :P

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17th April 2003

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#123 17 years ago

i cant wait until any matrix mod comes out, because it could bring a cool spin to sp:rock: