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13th August 2002

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#1 17 years ago

I am currently working on a mod ofr the Half-life Engine. There is an EXTREME lack fo coders there and so I have decided to think about moving to the JK2 engine to get a coder and have a more advanced engine to work with!

The following discription is of the mod set for Half-life. some words may only make sence to HL players, but you get the idea


Yes, like every mod, we need a coder, but coders, let me tell you, this mod is something the likes of you will never see anywhere

Mod info: Name: ranger team 6 Team members: 4 % done: 40 Type: MP and later SP Maps: 3

Code info:

What makes this mod different from others is that you will have the option of using more than one hand, In other words, you can hold a grenade in one hand and your M-16A2 (with a nad launcher on it of corse) in the other!

Weapons: Combat knife: it stabs, slices, has matches in it Berretta 9mm: It shoots and can be silenced M-16A2: shoots, can shoot RPG (rocket propelled nadd or arcing mortar round) S.A.W. Squad Automatic Weapon: Shoots 50 cal. rounds at a high rate, has a bipod 50 Cal x148 sniper rifle: shoots high velocity, ion-charged bullets or normal 50 cal. AK-47: You know, I’m sure everyone here plays CS! :ph34r: Standard fragmentation grenade: it goes boom in 4 seconds High Explosive nad: Big boom in 6 seconds!

Items: Map: Navigates Binoculars: with infrared guidance laser M.R.E.: Replenishes health, stamina Canteen: quick stamina killer Radio: The only way to talk to the Platoon leader

More to come there!

Most Items are held, or can be held in your Left hand only. All weaponds are for your right hand only except nadds. when an object is in your Left hand, accuracy is lowered.

Movement: you can run, walk crouch, crawl (prone) or sneak. No bunny hopping :D Sneaking will make you completely silent. every thing (and I mean EVERYTHING) els makes nose. so if you are setting up an ambush, don’t reload and get your map out several times! you could give away your position!

Adrenalin: This is a very cool part, When a friend of yours dies, your adrenalin goes up (friend as in teammate in your squad), getting shot at rises it too but once you use it up, it takes some time to get it back! It increases your run speed, accuracy and some other things. but doesn’t last long and can drain stamina into the negative (witch can take health).

Awards: This system will be implemented later, but you will be able to win awards though things you do and they can be voted on. This will stay with you forever. (yes you will have a player profile)

Player profile: this will contain your player name, current rake (you will not always bee your “current” rank on the field) Sex, skin preference, and kill scoring (for your own enjoyment).

Communication: There are many ways to talk. You can type to the hole server, to your team (duh) you can "talk" (using mic) but this will be limited to a range, IE, you can talk to some one 30 feet away, but you can yell to them, you cant yell to some one 300 feet away, but you can radio them. this allows more communication between squads, and then you can tell if some one is talking to you or not. When your sneaking around, you can use hand signals (stop, go, I see tango, I see victor (car/vehicle) flank Left, flank right, come here, sniper, exedra)

Rank: There are 2 things, Position and rank. Positions are squad leader (sergeant >>>) ASL assistant squad leader (Corporal >>) Squad members (Sniper, heavy weps, explosives, medic >) All these people make up one squad of 5. when there are lots of people, 3 squads make a platoon with a platoon leader (first LT) he commands everything (or at least tries) You can sign up for the option of a high rank, and it is random, but it can be wavered by your command skill points, your squad can vote to add a point or to subtract one each round, so if you suck at leading, you will not be doing it ( your command skill points will start over each game)

whos who?: Each position has there on symbol floating over there head, its basically a green triangle. Bad guys can’t see this (for the bad guys you can see a red one over them if they are close, but you cannot see it through walls). You can also find your squad on your radar (its a people radar)

Game play: there will be several different modes... SVS Squad verses squad: there are 2 teams of human players verses each other SVC Squad verses Computer: the real fun is here, where all human players are fighting together to kill the very smart bad guys. they have Ak-47s and completely different system CTF yea, capture the flag!

Yes, very complex I know, I’m not asking for a coder who will do all this! I Just want some one who will start, eventually we will get several coders to make the work much easier.

If you do not code but have some other skill, contact me at


If you want to talk to some one els, contact are texture artist and assistant leader at [email][/email] "

THank you