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22nd March 2003

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#21 18 years ago

Last one I am presenting is Gabriel. It is skin I made for the emperor of my clan.


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17th November 2002

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#22 18 years ago

Originally posted by Darth_Gringo This one is My personal skin for our clan Darth Gringo. Based on the gungan model and inspired from a joke about how JarJar is really a sith apprentice, and the true menace in Episode 1 darthgringo.jpg :smokin: Darth Gringo :smokin:

wow,nice detail!Great job!:stallard:


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23rd August 2002

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#23 18 years ago

Most of these skins aren't bad. Send 'em in to if you haven't already.


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4th July 2002

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#24 18 years ago

i know, for real. i said post pics of your CRAPPY arse skins, but these are all very good. keep it comin guys!


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14th March 2003

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#25 18 years ago

Thanks it's my first skin though it was crappy when the entire abdomen was missing


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17th February 2003

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#26 18 years ago


i've mde some pretty good skins, to find my bad ones... WHERE IS IT??!??!

lookit my sig for a goodish skin, i'll find that pic sometime...