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3rd January 2003

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#1 15 years ago

I stumbled across a great trick in playing around with my newnpcs.npc file yesterday when I was adding new NPCs to my editor. This could be a great addition to any training or "Trials" based map. Go into the .npc files of a couple of your custom NPCs and change the running speed to 1250 (yes 1250) and save. Build a simple SP room (large and high) place youself in the center and add three or four NPCs to the corners. Compile and watch out ! It's like their using force run on you. Leave the health and turning speed the same so they're not unbeatable but you have to adapt to the new speed. Try adding four normal speed NPCs and one fast one. It's really wierd this way, you have to keep the normal ones off balance while always keeping an eye on the fast one.