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20th August 2002

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#1 16 years ago

AOTC Mod team is the other team that is making a total conversion of JK2 into AOTC(Attack Of The Clones). Its good to have competition and we havent released much on what we are doing yet but let me assure you, it will be awesome! But lets get to the topic. I am a Modeler/Mapper/Coder for the team. We are in desperate need of coders and modelers and skinners. Im pretty good at modeling but im not all that good when it comes to making it weighted to a skeleton and making it capped and all. Im no good at skinning, period. Im learning Mapping and coding right now. Im on the verge of making my first mod. It allows you to change from left to right handed. I made a few "Okay" maps but have not released them. But lets get to the topic. We are in desperate need of coders and modelers and skinners. We would like any coders but prefrably ones that know the Quake 3 interface pretty well, but any coders will do, beleive me. We need Good Modelers and Skinners, and i mean [COLOR=firebrick]good[/COLOR]. We will take any people though but we need experienced ones too. We will still take texture editors, sound artists, and mappers. If you want to look at the page it is here: Feel free to e-mail me at [][/EMAIL]. Remember, we need to have YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!