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24th December 2003

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#1 14 years ago

Greetings, i was wondering if any1 can make me a skin cause im not really good at skinning well if u can heres wut kind of skin i want: Ninja Skin heres sum screen shots sumthing like that no sleeves diffrent hood color,i want the hood Blue=Blue Red=Red Defualt=Black make the hood kinda with patterns Glowing Eyes Red if u can ,if u cant jus red regular eyes Make the cloths Black Ninja/Like actually the cloths wat ever looks good =) at the back it to say =Ground Zero= on the front put =GZ= Model=Reborn i want a skin of the link i sent sumtthinggg like that not same i dont wanna copy that clans skin diffrent.. kinda but mostly like that well if u guys can make that skin OMFG!!!!!! heres my email: [email=""][/email] jus do anything to make it look like the link i sent u Thanks, bye