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#1 18 years ago

I'm trying to do 5 things for my SP project - any help on how i can get them to work would be appreciated!

1. Is it possible to trigger an end_level by a killing a group of enemies? end_level is triggered when you kill tavion/desann - is it possible to have it trigger when a group is dispatched?

2. How do i trigger an ROQ? Via JK2radiant, or through scripts? (I haven't messed with 'em yet...). MY goal - trigger an ROQ after killing group of enemies using "cinematic [x].roq" cmd.

3. Is it possible to have SP player spawn *without* pistol - i just want a lightsaber!

4. How do I set what forcepowers are available to a player, and what levels they are?

5. Is it possible to have player spawn with their lightsaber ignited?

Thanks for reading!