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23rd December 2003

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#1 15 years ago

Well I have been fooling around with ForceMod 2 lately and I got all the weapons from LOTR sword pack, Dragon Remix weapon pack, and Laghima's melee pack, to work perfect, I went through and got rid of effects in them all and so everything works right together and there are NO glow effects even while attacking, and no sizzling all the time when they touch walls/floor. You can still switch to three of the 7 available blade styles to get a light saber blade though, just the first four have no effects (so *most* bots will have a sword with no glow effects (cool - lot's of fun weapon combo's, like sting in one hand and a kama in the other, or a bladed fan, and a staff). I set the location damage on in forcemod 2 (so head shots hurt more and stuff), and then I made all the weapons way more powerfull - like real weapons would be. Nobody in the movies gets shot 50 times and lives (that I can recall). So grenades kill people, getting shot in the head with no shielding will most likely kill, getting shot directly much at all will kill, and ussually one or two good hits with a lightsaber will kill, in red stance pretty much one good strike will kill. I tweaked with every imaginable setting until finaly after a couple days I have found the most awesome play balance ever. Ultra intense battles where one wrong move is your last. With dismemberment setttings all just right so that people get cut in half with great frequency. While the swords are deadly the gun users need not worry, for the firearms are all worthy of being called deadly weapons as well and with just a pair of bryar pistols, good aim and strategy, you should be able to make short work of any jedi - just don't miss because he'll cut you in half in a heartbeat if you give him half a chance. Saber fights are so intense now because often they end in a few seconds with somebody's head flying off, but I still see them go on for a long time sometimes and it is soo cool when they do because it just get's more and more intense as the match progress, but since it only happens sometimes it doesn't just get old with every single match just dragging on, the short fights are intense too because they are fast and exciting and realistic. It also deepens the sense of satisfaction of living for a long time in team games and such. I have also messed with the bot settings some to create some fun bots here and there - like ladymaul is one of only two bots who is a jedi but who gets a jetpack (player jedis can't get jetpacks) but hers has no effects for it so it looks like she can just fly - it is pretty cools looking. With the damage value turned up like I have done you can jack up the bot difficulty and they will smoke you with a quickness, but you can turn it down a bit and just mow through them - I leave it at a setting where it seems like a good fair fight. We have played this on a lan here a bunch lately and it is so badass I can't really describe it - unfortunate I am on 56k so I can't really host over the internet. I turn on cheats and we all use these bullet time scripts I made so you can slow down time and speed it up with one button, and you can cancel it if someone else slows down time, actually there is 2 levels of slow down, often you can get away with using the first level without people noticing or reacting right away and use it for a little bit, but then it resets, you can ussually only ever get away with using the 2nd *really* slow lvl of slowdown for a couple seconds at most before someone cancels it. Surprisingly enough this all balances out well but of course we are on a lan and everyone is being cool and not spamming the slowmo, or using any other cheats. I would love to make this bullettime script into a more refined mod that didn't need cheats enabled and had some better regulations for use (like useing force power), but for playing on a lamer free lan it is even pretty fun like it is now. Also with the weapons being all so deadly now - that slowmo is very usefull and really puts an incredible action style on the combat. I mean you can pull off and see people pull off some sick, sick moves with such finesse, and when everyone in the game is doing that, it makes for some amazingly, dramatic battles. It is to bad ForceMod2 seems so dead, I think it is the funnest mod out now for JK2 and extremely configurable. The few things I didn't like in it I have changed and my edited forcemod2 is the BOMB!! allthough I didn't change anything drastic at all about it, mostly just tweaked a tad so all the melee weapons work well and look good.