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23rd December 2003

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#1 15 years ago

is there any way to tell JK2 that just one or two cheat commands are allowed on a server without activating all cheats? I made this cool script for bullet time, it slows time down, and then if you press it again, it slows time down even more, and if you press it again it goes back to normal time, of course it resets to normal time no matter what after a couple seconds anyway. So if everyone could do this on the server then anyone can allways just set time back to normal real easy on you and screw you up, which is fine - it will keep it from getting annoying when people use all the time. Now ideally, someone could turn this into a minimod as a new force power and make it so cheats wheren't on at all so people couldn't mess with timescale seperate from the script (because if they did then it wouldn't reset automaticly after a few seconds). Also this way it could use force power thus limiting peoples use of it and since you have to cycle through both slow states to set it to normal (if you didn't activate it) it would cost you force (and a bit of key tapping) to cancel someone elses slowmo thus keeping it from just allways being canceled right off the bat every time by someone on the server. The scripts are really simple but effective but if some smart mod maker could help me out with this I think it would be a really fun, simple little mod that would offer a refreshing "change of pace" :) - obviously not a mod to be played all the time but quite fun every now and then. It has got to work with other mods though.