What is the best program for recording sounds for skins? -1 reply

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#1 17 years ago

Yeah I was wondering what the best recording program out there to use for recording my voice and being able to edit it and put it into a skin? Thanks in advance!


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#2 17 years ago

The easiest program for recording sounds is Windows!!

right click in empty area and choose new/wav sound

then right click that and select record

record your sounds and save as... (check another skin folder with custom sounds to see what you need to name them)

and click the "change" button before you save it and change to:

Format: PCM

Attributes: 44.100Khz, 16bit, Mono 86kb/sec

.wav file names you will need (all lower case or may not work):

pain100.wav - sound player makes when HP is between 100&75 pain75.wav - "" "" "" "" "" "" 75&50 pain50.wav - "" "" "" "" "" 50&25 pain25.wav - "" "" "" """" """ 25&0 land1.wav _ sound you make when hit floor after a high fall death1.wav death2.wav death3.wav - one is played at random on death falling1.wav - guess when that kicks in..:) jump1.wav - the jump+roll sound player makes taunt.wav taunt1.wav - you can add up to taunt4.wav but if you go higher some tend not to work and normally just ends up playing 2 so, including the taunt.wav you can have 5 taunts if not in a multiple taunt support server then game only plays taunt.wav as default so make this one your favourite one :)

You then need to pack up in appropiate folders and create a sounds.cfg file in your models/players/skinname folder

make a new note pad document and add following to it:

chars/skinname/misc m

Change the "m" to "f" if player is female this is to fill in the sounds you didn't make.

Then change the txt document name to sounds.cfg

you then need to make a sound folder with above folders inside.

Put the sounds folder next to the models folder and zip up as you would a skin.

Your done!