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All this is completly confirmed through direct pictures or named in pictures, Q&A and such.

EaW Confirmation List

General Information

Release date is Febuary 7th 2006.

Multi-player will include up to 8-person skirmishes. There will also be a 2-player version of the singleplayer campaign.

The game is being made by Petroglyph, who were formerly apart of Westwood Studios, of Command & Conquer fame.

The game runs on a new engine developed by Petroglyph.

General Gameplay

The game is set at the start of Galactic Civil War, between Episode Three: Revenge of the Sith (The end of the Clone Wars) and about two years before Episode Four: A New Hope (The Battle of Yavin)

Battles will be staged on two fronts: Space and Planetside.

Capital ships and space stations will have hard-point slots that you can equip with additional shield and weapon systems to pack a serious punch. However, your ships' hard points will be visible to the enemy (they actually appear onscreen on your ships) and can be targeted directly.

The map will be where you'll keep track of your current missions, which will appear as incoming transmissions in windows that pop up onscreen. Your missions will include critical operations, like those given to you by Rebel officer Mon Mothma or by Emperor Palpatine himself, or side missions uncovered by your spies or offered by neutral characters, like besieged merchants looking for clear passage in pirate-infested space. This map will also be where you produce starships for your fleets and manage the planets under your control.

Any given planet may also be the seat of enhanced production or technology, so it may be able to produce more armies or give you immediate access to advanced technologies you'd normally pay a fortune to research. You may even uncover a hidden cache of fighter ships or the home planet of a hero who will join your cause after you liberate it. Or, planets may be strategically placed in the galaxy as choke points.

Fortunately, the game will also have both tutorials and a "preamble game" to get new players familiar with strategic decisions, good or bad. From there, with shrewd planning, you may be able to do things like bring the state-of-the-art X-Wing fighter into battle much earlier than it was originally available in the Star Wars universe. You may even decisively crush the Rebellion (or the Empire) before that whole "I am your father" business even happened

The Death Star takes a really long time to build, so the rebels can destroy it easier and it requires the Research station to begin building each seperate part for it.

The environment can affect your movement (like elevation or something)

You can edit your options, like changing the scale or how good the graphics are.

All game physics and such are controlled in the game folder by Text files, so you will be able to mod this game infinatly.

You earn money by controlling planets.

Each will affect wach other. In space, Planatery Ion and Turbolaser Cannons will attack the enemy ships, and transports will need to break through to the planet to attack. When on the ground, bombardments can be called down on enemy troops.

Capital Ships will be lumbering, while fighters and bombers will be able to turn on a dime.

You will be able to control where your fleet jumps in, when the fleet arrives at its destination you will get the view of all the space around the planet, you then point and drag where you want them to jump in at.

The drag and drop unit menu in the game appears to be specialized in what unit it is,say if you have 8 Victorys then you will see a mini-pic of a Victory and a number eight beside it.

The Empire and Rebel Alliance will be the ONLY two factions. Petroglyph will be working on making the two factions as different as possible.

The Empire's will be a more of a 'swarm' faction, using many weak units. The Rebel Alliance's units will be more expensive, and harder to get.

The Rebels will steal plans for X-Wings from the Empire. Other ships may be researched in the same way.

In space, different systems can be knocked out on capital ships, by using fighters you can knock out a Star Destroyers shields, their hyperdrive, or their weapon systems.

Ion cannons are used to knock out systems, rather than destroy ships.

Interdictor Cruisers are in the game. These capital ships generate a gravity well, preventing enemy ships from escaping into hyperspace.

Heroes can be brought out, improving surrounding units. Having Darth Vader on a Star Destroyer, for example, will improve response time, etc.

Heroes can also be brought into ground battles.

I see what looks to be a Battlefront like Command Post. (Probably just a holo flag or something)

Known battlefields: Alderaan, Endor, Naboo, Hoth, Dagobah, Tatooine, Yavin IV as well as never-before-seen environments taken directly from the Star Wars films and expanded universe novels.

Units will be built in 'squads' rather than indivually, in a system similar to Battle For Middle Earth.

Planets will also have NPCs. Rancors are neutral units who can gobble up troopers, where as Jawas are uncontrollable, yet will fight for the Rebel Alliance.

Confirmed Units

[color=Blue]Rebel Alliance[/color]



Air Speeder - A nice touch is that these airspeeders can tangle up the AT-AT's, just like in the Empire Strikes Back.





T-2b Tank


Pod Walker

Assault Speeder - Not Air Speeder.

Capital Ships

Blockade Runner

Corellian Gunship

MC-90 Cruiser

MC-80 Cruiser

Unknown ship shown in Leipez Convention, may be a Mauder Corvette.

Nebulon B-Friagte

Assault Frigate Mk II


Rebel Trooper

Plex Missle Soldier


Ion Cannon


Ground Based Laser Cannon

Ground Based Laser Blaster

Rebel Bacta Tank

Light Factory

Anti-Aircraft Turret

Rebel Command Center

Power Generator

Base Shield Generator

Sensor Node

Heavy Vehicle Facility


Shutter Shield Generator

Space Stations

Alliance Space Station Level 1



TIE Fighter

TIE Interceptor

TIE Bomber

TIE Scout






Scout trooper-on-Speeder Bike

TIE Crawler

2-M Repulsortank

Capital Ships

Interdictor Cruiser (No auto Gravity Wells like in Rebellion, nope you click when you want them up then click them down. Includes some charging times and such.)

Tartan Patrol Cruiser

Broadside Cruiser

Imperial Star Destroyer

Victory Star Destroyer

Assault Lamba Transport

Acclamator Assault Ship

Star Galleon





Heavy Factory

Advanced Vehicle Facility

Hypervelocity Gun


Sensor Node

Research Facility - Must be built to produce Death Star Parts.

Communications Array


Death Star - The Death Star is in this game, with all it's planet-destroying glory. Once it is in orbit, a timer counts down to zero, at which point...BOOM!


Probe Droids - You can use these to scout out the galaxy in search of the Rebels.

Shipyards - Look like build and repair.


Darth Vader

Force Crush - Vader uses the force against enemy tanks and vehicles.

Force Push - Vader uses a force shockwave to flatten enemy infantry.

Kyle Katarn

Obi-wan Kenobi

General Maximillian Veers [May only be in AT-AT]

Han Solo & Chewbacca - for somereason these will be a single unit.

Moldy Crow (Ship)

The Accuser (Ship)

Jek Porkins (Ship)

Slave 1 (Ship)


Missle Defence Satellite

Gaia Structures

Mineral Processor

Jedi Temple (May be Imperial Structure but unlikely even though surronded by Imperial Base)

Space Objects

Astroid Fields, with what appears to be an ionization storm.