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#1 12 years ago

Thats right a new mod for EAW/FOC is coming out. This mod is about placing you after Luke confronted Vader. In this mod Luke followed down the dark path and is now being thought by the two strongest sithlords of this time. The Rebellion is now broken and weakened by Lukes defect during the battle above Endor. The Empire is contuning to advance in their technology while the rebellion is struggling on every battle front. Throughout all of this A new faction has appeared to challenge the Empire and the Rebellion for total control of the Galaxy. The Zann Consortium has begun firing on Imperial storage supplies and stealing massive amounts of new technology. When the Empire turns its full attetion towards Zann and his followers, The consortium turns toward the aid of the rebellion. Can two broken factions bring down the might of the Empire? It is up to you too decide how things will play out. Will you over power the The combined powers of the rebels and the consortium? Or will you plan your battles and strike down the empire with the combined powers of the rebellion and the consortium. Ok it sounds all good but heres were Im at. Not only am I just adding a new luke for the Empire but Im hoping to get some good modders 2 come and help me with this project. Im starting 2 get a hang at modding EAW and FOC but Im going 2 need some help with this if its ever going 2 come out. Also Im planing on creating a single player story mode for this mod :D Its going 2 be alot of work and I have allready started working on it. But atm I dont have screen shots posted yet. I got a site up and running, Its nothing fancy yet but ILL be adding more to it as time goes on. Heres the link for it http://www.freewebs.com/tyberzann/index.htm and I hope 2 see some guys take intrest in this.



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10th December 2006

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#2 12 years ago

Just to let you know this should go in the modding forum, so you might want to ask a moderator to change it. I like where you are starting in the timeline, it will make a good ending timeline. But why would luke be with the Emipire? He never joined in the movie at that time.


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#3 12 years ago

Yes in the movie he never joined but this is kinda a what if mod... Meaning Yes luke fought Vader but if you watch it he was using his anger because he knew his friends were in danger. Im going 2 use that and play it in a way that when vader lost his saber instead of the emperor shooting lighting at him he talked him into joining up with the empire. Dont worry it will all look better and sound better as time goes on and as I get people 2 help me with this.