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#1 14 years ago

Empire at War Galaxy is a brand new website dedicated to Star Wars Empire at War and the Forces of Corruption Expansion Pack. What sets us apart is the fact that we will contain pages of information on the game, tutorials and guides on how to mod and anything else under the sun of EAW.

Hello and Welcome to the brand new Empire at War Galaxy Forums. Empire at War Galaxy is a website devoted to bringing you resources and information to do with the hit RTS game by Petroglyph, Empire at War. During the course of the next few days various changes will be made to the forums and hopefully we will soon be able to release to the public the official EAWG website. Right now the forums are in BETA mode. That means we are pretty much just testing things out and playing around with various stuff untill we have a working system.

So dont just stand there staring....get over there now and start posting ;)

Empire at War Galaxy