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4th October 2006

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#321 12 years ago

i didnt say take the system obviously thats not gunna happen i said LIKE alot of games use similar play styles ot other games, i just meant take the overall graphics and strategic options, like being able to make custom squads would be good for empire at war, not all stormtroopers carry the same blasters, some carry heavy blasters known as e-webs that require being set up and such. I played Universe at war it wasnt that good, i mean it was ok but nothing revolutionary or anything, just your typical RTS the only thing i liked alot about it was the big walker things.

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8th March 2007

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#322 12 years ago

Well the way you were talking about it, it sounded like you thought it was shit. i personally don't like it, and it wasn't revolutionary, i would play it, but i have Dawn of war.

The whole custom squads would be cool, but i highly doubt there will be an eaw 2...


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15th February 2007

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#323 12 years ago

If it is, Universe at War engine ftw (I hope) I never had any problem with graphics, granted even at max settings they are only pretty good, but most people are really whiny about graphics ever since Crysis...I can run it at full settings, no problem, on 1.5 gig ram and a two-year-old video card...