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15th April 2008

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#1 9 years ago

First off, there's a lot I have to say, and I'll probably forget a lot of it whilst also mixing everything up, so excuse me in advance.

Approximately 3 or 4 years ago, I got a new laptop - a mac. It was wonderful, but it didn't allow me to play any of my games on it.

I basically dropped off the EaW grid after that, with a single brief re-appearance in z3r0x's forums (could someone provide me a link to there, I can't remember the address of it). I could've found a way around not being able to play EaW, but I needed a break from it desperately. I needed something that could force me not to play it, and the trouble I'd have to go to in order to find a way around my current problem was enough to satisfy that.

Unfortunately, back then I had undergone a number of traumatic events and modding was more of an escape for me than it was a hobby. It's little wonder that I picked as many fights as I did, since the online interactions were basically my only interactions with people (I know I wasn't always a dick, but I know that I sometimes was, so yeah).

I still have that now-old mac laptop, and it'll still be a while until I get a new one. but there's something I want to say:

I still love this game.

Even though it has literally been years since I played it, I still sometimes have the occasional idea for something in the game.

A lot of it back then was an escape and a hassle for me, but some of it was a genuinely-loved hobby as well, and I'm pleased to see that this place isn't dead! :D

Granted, I still don't necessarily have a way to play the game, but I actually feel like trying to find a way around that now. I passionately enjoyed modding in a way I hadn't felt for much of anything else before in my life, and I think that narrowing down this focus could help me figure out what I should do with my life (career-wise).