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3rd August 2009

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#1 10 years ago

In case you haven't seen the news, Z has returned and will work on the mod again soon. For those who were waiting.

QUOTE Hey everyone, sorry for the MIA status. My company (despite telling me no more travel for a loooong time) completely reversed itself in June and shipped me to Guangzhou China. Our company has a office there as well as in Beijing. First I was told the trip would last two weeks then three then four. You get the picture. I am home now for 3 days. I was able to come back mid July for a few days to re-pack and clear up some items at home. As you can imagine the LAST thing on my mind when I got back was the mod. I figured I should post something here as I have been MIA for so long. Sadly due to various privacy issues and censorship in China, many .com domains based in the US are blocked. Honestly finding a workaround is just not worth the issue as we were briefed quite extensively on how serious Chinese authorities consider any activity they deem as subversive. While I was away I did some minor work on the mod (code) as I cannot take everything with me. I have to go back Saturday and I will be home again in October. I am being told that should be it. Now because I have seen my family all of 10 days for the last 3 months you can imagine we need some "alone time" so I am off to Mexico (again) on 11/19. We will be back 12/1. When I get back in October I will commence full work on whats left of the mod. It may even be finished by then depending on how fast I can get some things done. Just thought I would fill everyone in. Sorry if this angers some. Not much I can do about it. Bottom line is RL trumps mods, and gaming 24/7. I do respond to email so those that have my email address feel free to shoot me one while I am away. See you all SOON!