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#1 11 years ago

I just got the game a week or so ago. Its cool, yadda yadda, but like can someone kinda like fill me in on what files Id be lookin for? Im only really interested in realistic mods, as in they arent gonna change the game too much, and realistic units and maps and shit. And can I get new Conquest galaxy maps? Holler at meeeeh [email]araymblushift@live.com[/email] itd be much apprieciated.:smokin:


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8th June 2009

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#2 11 years ago

Well some good maps are Yodens EAW and FOC maps. There are lot of good ones circling around online too that aren't anywhere else EAW mods Conflict in Space Absolute Enhancement FOC mods z3r0x addon Absolute Corruption these are just a few mods that only add units planets that don't add factions or tweak them. everything you want should be here http://empireatwar.filefront.com/ theres a bunch more but those are all I can think of


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15th October 2008

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#3 11 years ago

Have you played though things without mods yet? If not do that then get interested in mods. Then theres a search bar on Eaw Files. Just search for Real and Realistic. Some good overall mods would be Eaw: Click Here Foc: Click Here


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20th October 2008

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#4 11 years ago

EAW: CiS, AGD, RotC v1.x FOC: Z3r0x RAW (which isn't out yet, check out raw-mod.everythingeaw.com) AotR Phoenix Rising


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#5 11 years ago

and don't forget any of my maps... I would suggest Invid destruction mappack or Kuat: Eclipse defense. :p