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#1 14 years ago

Shout out to all you Petroglyph and EAW fans! I’ve just been brought on board the Petroglyph team as the full-time Community Manager toensure that the development team hears all your feedback and we can continue to grow the Empire at War community. Be excited! I’m here to organize community events, setup tournaments & games against the developers, work closely with our loyal fan sites that have given us so much support over the past year, and of course give away a few freebies along the way! Just like you guys, I am also an RTS gamer and have been playing them for years and years. Many of my favorites before I joined up with Petroglyph were actually games that they’ve put their creative energies into designing such as the Command and Conquer series, Battle for Middle Earth, and of course Star Wars Empire at War. Some of you may know me as the founder of the clan EPIC, which has participated in clan wars for several RTS games and created many RTS leaders. Before starting at Petroglyph, I’ve also been involved in much competitive multiplayer play, replay posts, interviews with developers, and the administration of several community forums such as The first day I came into Petroglyph, I knew they allhad their heads on straight. Everybody here is really passionate about creating quality gameswhile incorporating new ideas to help break out of the standard RTS mold. Furthermore, they are focusing in on the online community as a top priority by hiring me to get involved and help the fans and webmasters with whatever they need. The community gives life to the RTS genre and we intend to support you with everything we can offer. We want to help expand this community base of creativity, passion, and zeal. I also believe that the fans often times come up with the best ideas to guide where this industry should go. Artists send in brilliant fan art and come up with great signatures for players in their respective forums. Programmers design extremely creative modifications to the out of the box game. Competitive players give us constructive input which helps us make the game more balanced and challenge all facets of functionality to our games. Again I am here to support all of your goals so feel free to let me know how best to serve you guys. Definitely shoot me any ideas you may have to support our RTS community and I will do my best to promptly respond to each and every one of you. My game handle is SAGEKING and I’ll be checking the boards and lobbies every day. I look forward to having some galactic battles with everyone and making your RTS gaming experience epic!

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#2 14 years ago

Welcome to the Filefront Forums SAGEKING. Its great to see you Again....So how many Sites have I welcomed you on Now??;)



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#3 14 years ago

Same here. lol :D


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#4 14 years ago

yeah welcome messenger of god!!!! :bows: