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[COLOR=black]In light of recent problems with certain individuals' posting behavior, your moderation team has decided to impliment some new rules. These guidelines were written by -Ghost- for the Elder Scrolls Forums, but we believe that they reflect how members as well as staff should act in most forums [/COLOR][COLOR=black][COLOR=black]and have been edited accordingly in order to better accomodate the Empire At War Forum.[/COLOR][/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]Star Wars: Empire At War Forums Posting Guidelines:[/COLOR]
Spam: Spam is any post that is considered off-topic, extremely short (less then 3 words), or just stupid. *We* will be the judge of the post, deciding whether it is spam, or a relevant, on-topic post. If you think a post is spam, off-topic, stupid, rude, etc, please use the "Report Bad Post" button report.gif, and report the post, where we will then take a look, and deal with it if neccesary. REMEMBER, there is no need to post anything about a certain post being spam, off-topic etc, just use the Report Post button.
Off-Topic: Off topic posts are posts that are simply that, off topic, and have nothing to do with the original thread title/idea. If you see what you think is an off-topic post, please report it. Off-topicness usually comes about from slow-chat, where members slowly digress from the topic into another topic entirely. A little chat is ok, but before you post, ask yourself "Does my post contribute to the original topic?". If a topic is evolving in a beneficial way, feel free to PM us to possibly broaden the title name or something so the conversation can be a little more general.
Editing/Double Posting: Doube posting is basically when you post, then post again, atleast more then 1 time. To avoid this, please use the Edit button (edit.gif). It just makes everything really messy when you post more then once. We understand that you may really want/need help, but give people time to reply, Rome wasn't built in a day.
Flaming/Innapropriate Conduct: This one is pretty obvious, flaming includes calling people bad names, insults, excessive swearing, etc. Passions can get high when a discussion is particularly in depth, but it needs to stay civil. Swearing is alright, but don't get out of hand with it.
Tools of the Trade: Now we shall go over all the wondrous and magical buttons that you, as a Filefront Forums member, have access to:
Edit Button (edit.gif): : The Edit Button is used, as stated previously, to edit any posts that you have posted within the past 30 minutes. Use it well, and often, because if we have to delete too much double-post spam, you will be warned, with possible consequences if it continues.
Report Bad Post Button (report.gif ): The Report Bad Post Button, as also said previously, allows you to immediatley send the staff a message pointing out a particular post for innapropriate conduct, flaming, or worse. It's ok to do this if you're unsure whether a post is acceptable or not, but don't do it too much.
Karma Button (reputation.gif): Now this isn't really needed, but we'd like to point it out. Using the karma button allows you to give positive, or negative reputation for someone's post. Karma is the little green, or in some people's case, red, bars that show up along with your Post Count, Posts Per Day, etc. This is a just a nice thing to do if you think someone's made a good post, if you like what they posted, you give them good karma, if you find it bad, you give them negative karma. Don't give people neg rep for the heck of it, there really aren't many instances to actually give it out. The karma system is a privelege, not a right. To view the karma you have, simply go to your UserCP, and you'll see it on the first page that loads.
Thanks for reading this, obey the rules, and we'll all get along fine. Happy posting! ;)