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#1 9 years ago

Hi guys I have recently acquired the EAW game and the expansion pack and I noticed something odd in the empire campaign.

The first thing was at the begining of the game in the first mission. After defeating the rebel base the cutscene showing Vader killing the field commander didnt start. Instead an hourglass keeps spining forever in the screen. I exited the game and restarted the campaign, just to be greeted by the starting logo and no text in the introduction of the campaign.

After 2 hours trying I finally managed to bypass that by deleting my autosave before starting the empire campaign.

The second odd thing involves the pirate AI on space and ground battles. After the initial missions I begin to notice that the pirates units in both space and land battles dindt move at all. They keep stationary.

You notice it better in land battle where they keep parked around their main base doing nothing att all. They dont even move towards you when you are in their sight range like normally they were supposed to do.

Have anyone experienced those bugs before?

Is there a way to correct it without uninstalling the game?