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12th April 2007

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#1 10 years ago

:confused: I was just playing ACM2.4 again and i noticed something strange. My credits were 1.000.000 and that number wouldn't change. It did go lower but not higher so i think there is a limit to how much money you are alowed.:confused: Is that normal for ACM 2.4 or not ? By the way, i am playing with the Rebels this time around. Now the same thing is happening with AEM5.1. The only way that i get more credits is by getting 1 more planet. Then the credits go up by 20.000 and then i have to conquer another one to let the credits go up again. Otherwise when a day passes the credits won't go over the limit at that time. It is weird to say the least. Also McAfee can't find anything wrong with my computer so what is going on here ? My troubles started around the time that i got fraps so is it possible that that program is interfearing with gameplay in more way's than 1 ?