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#1 15 years ago

So, I wasnt sure where to put this and since I haven't found any information pretaining to the possibility in any future patches for the game, in hopes that maybe a developer of petroglyph might acually pay attention to the community. I hereby petition that (if possible) Players of EaW should be allowed to have some sort of way to ignore members, that spam up the lobbies. Not only does it ruin the game, but some of us like to exchange strategies and the like, we cannot do that with someone repeatidly typing "W" and hitting enter, over and over and over. So please Petroglyph. GIVE US AN IGNORE BUTTON! :uhm: Please sign your name if you agree to the above terms. (Please do not include game fixes, as that is already being takin care of). Bravo_189.


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6th January 2006

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#2 15 years ago

of all the problems, thats the smallest that being said i'll sign Hypnotoad13


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25th May 2005

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24th October 2005

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#4 15 years ago

Here is the proof of a new Update from PFF. Mike Legg Update: Greetings from sunny Las Vegas! I just wanted to check in and give you all a long overdue update on what's new at Petroglyph. :) (Thank's for the friendly reminder, Cain!) First and foremost, a HUGE thank you for all the support and feedback on EAW all along the way. EAW has now been on the shelves for 3 weeks around the world and is selling like crazy. The response has been tremendous! The LucasArts team has done an incredible job of getting the game seen everywhere - it's even had television commercials and had an ad in Playboy magazine. :o It's been a constant blur of activity around the Petroglyph offices, and we're finally starting to catch our breath from the EAW launch. We will have a new, full-time community representative hopefully starting here soon, which will help everyone a lot - both the community and us. We've been interviewing candidates for the position. We thought that "we" would be able to handle working with and supporting the community while doing our project milestone work, but we underestimated the task. Delphi has done an excellent job working in the community, but he also has a lot of work piled on him. We've been busy working on the new patch for EAW, which will be coming down the pipe soon. It's amazing how much feedback we have received, and it's very much appreciated. Many of us try to keep up with the feedback in the forums as often as possible, but it's sometimes hard to stay up to date with so much activity here. There are also two other projects underway - which may be seen at E3 in May. More information on these will start coming available in the next few months. We've been gradually growing the staff, and are now currently at 41 people, and will be at 44 in a couple of weeks. We'll probably be around 50 people by the summer. We're pretty much out of space here in the current building - some of us are tripled up in offices. We replaced the Workout Facility (Ping Pong table) to be an office, too. There's also now a desk and computer set up in the lounge. On top of that, there are two fully stocked refrigerators in the kitchen. (That can be dangerous.) We're building out a new office building just down the street for here, and we'll be moving in there one weekend in June. Our current office is 8,600 square feet and the new one is around 15,000 square feet plus a big garage. We're building new offices for everyone, multiple conference rooms, a lounge, a kitchen, a game room, and a lunch/break room. Joe Bostic actually designed the layout for the new location, and his plans have been converted to architectural blueprints and are hanging up where the new construction is happening. It's also an interesting fact that the new office is about a 2-minute walk from the old Westwood building. Anyhow, Cain gave me a friendly reminder that I was LONG, LONG, LONG overdue for an update, and he was correct, so I knew that I had better check in. I am no longer the project Lead Programmer - since Andre and Brian are now the Lead Programmer's on the two new projects. I've moved into what we call the "Core Team", which helps support all projects underway, as well as patches for the existing games. I'm still spending a ton of time programming new technology, but I now have some time for community work since I am no longer a Lead. (Poor Brian and Andre! ;D They are in for it, now!) Finally, some of us will be at the Game Developer's Conference in a couple of weeks, so if you are there, keep an eye out for the peeps with shirts bearing the Petroglyph logo. We'd love to spend some time chatting. Thank you again for all the support and feedback, and keep an eye out for the next EAW patch coming soon! -Mike Legg



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#5 15 years ago

Well I'm glad there getting new offices but what does that have to do with this topic? I posted on the official boards about this. Go here for the details:


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22nd February 2006

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#6 15 years ago

An ignore button would be a nice feature, I'll sign