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24th May 2003

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#1 15 years ago

Hello everyone, I just posted to let everyone know I started my own forums. These forums are mainly aimed toward Medal of Honor Allied Assault, and the expansion Spearhead. But there are forums on my board about other games, platforms, the internet, entertainment, computers, troubleshooting/technical problems help, current world events, and more. So al;most anyone can join this forum. The main reason I think you should join my forums is that it is one of the best looking MoHforums out there. You might not take it seriously since there are only 2 members, but before my board was deleted I had about 24 members. I know this will work out if most of you here joined the forums at once, then there could be active discussions, so please, give my forums a chance :agreed: The board is located here

thnx a lot for taking the time to read this -iCe-