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11th December 2004

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#1 15 years ago

http://truecombat.com/intro.php better then that CS:S shit. guns are much better and they are adding a shit load of guns.... and you have iron sights.

you need to download Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory and then download the mod TrueCombat:Elite and if you already have Enemy Territory, then just download the mod... 100mb enemy-territory http://enemy-territory.4players.de:1041/


Is TC:E set in the WW2 environment like ET? No. TC:E is a total conversion mod in a contemporary, modern environment. Except for the look of the UI, TC:E has nothing to do with ET. It's an entirely new game.

Is TC:E a realism shooter? Yes. TC:E is a fast-paced, gameplay oriented team shooter with very realistic elements. For example, the maps, weapons, and locations look very realistic. Of course some elements have to trade off between realism and gameplay. The damage of the weapons and the movement capabilities of the characters are not quite a true simulation. On the other hand, comparing TC:E to other games that are known as realism shooters, you would certainly say TC:E is very realistic -- this is no arcade.

What weapons can be expected? There will be a whole bunch of real-world weapons including sidearms (AMT Hardballer, Beretta 92, Glock 19, Desert Eagle .50), submachine guns (Mac10, Mp5, UMP45), shotguns (M3 Super 90), assault rifles (M4, AK-47), and sniper rifles (PSG-1, M76, R93). TC:E will also offer three types of hand grenades, a fragmentation grenade (M67), a smoke grenade (M83) and a stun grenade (XM84). lot more coming.........!!! WOOT!! :naughty:

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9th December 2003

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#2 15 years ago

:moved: from GF to Wolfenstein ET.

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15th March 2004

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#3 15 years ago

What's this...poster boy for TC:E?