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#1 12 years ago

I joined some random server one night and found myself in a map I’ve never seen. I wish I would have written the name of it down, but I didn’t. I was hoping if I gave some clues you might be able to help me name it. What I remember: 1-It was a long map, time wise. Something like 45-50min. 2-It could have been modeled after a LOTR castle. It’s not Helmsdeep. 3-Objective, roughly, was for the attackers to seize a castle. 4-The castle may have been built into a mountain. But it’s extremely tall. 5-Attackers start out in some buildings away from the castle. 6-Work their way to the gate, blow it, and try to get next gate to blow it. There were like 5-6 to get to the top. 7-The corridors you have to fight your way up are kind of steep, narrow and had tall walls the attackers can shoot you down from. The name of the map is _________ ?


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#2 12 years ago

No idea but,

Each map you play online will be downloaded to your computer. So you can find it back in your mods or etmain folder and ingame with the option 'Host Game' Ill tell you how to do that.

Start the game and press on 'host game'. Find the option 'dedicated' and set it to 'no'

Now set the option 'Game Type' to 'single map objective'. You will then see a list with all the maps you have on your computer. Click on one of them and click on 'start server' This will load the map but will not host a real server.

This way you may also find the map you have played. Also when you have loaded the map you can press esc and use the referee menu to load another map.