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16th July 2003

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#1 16 years ago

well, its official. i really am tired of playing MOHAA offline! :sleep: I hardly EVER play single player any more. I dont blame EA, no no, i blame no one at all. Yet i would like to see more people trying to produce more SP maps. I have tried and failed miserably, so i understand just how hard it is, yet i am in no way a "techie" and my computer knowledge is about as small as a midgets dik on a cold day( kno i will get flamed for that one, no offence to the little guys, just tryin to make a point ;)). There are some EXCELLENT SP maps, but all im sayin is if u have some computer skils, give SP mapping a go. You might get somethin worth playing!

:D THX for ya time. :D