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14th July 2004

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#181 12 years ago

As I've said before, I thought this movie was pretty good. Far better than the first one, and much more 'kick ass'. The only part I really disliked was how they ended it, but that can't be helped.. I would have to agree though, if they create a third AvP film, it needs to be on another planet, with Predators, vs Aliens, vs Human (Marines).


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1st November 2005

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#182 12 years ago

Who will be the director of 3rd chapter ? Hopefully not Strausse bro's, nor Anderson. Atleast Ridley Scott, or atmost Hamilton (Terminator 2, Aliens). And u said right if there will be 3rd AvP. I have hope Fox's representatives get their brains straight & call Giger for Alien design, or give him credit to what he's done for them, as well. :cheers: