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#1 14 years ago

I read the reply to the thread further down the page and it might as well have been in Chinese :lol: Hope it helped the guy with the problem though.

My problem is the same.

pc 1 is connected to the internet (cable modem to nic) pc1 is connected to pc 2 through another nic via a 4port ethernet hub. (The sum of my technical knowledge with pcs is in that last sentence :lol:)

Pc 1 runs XP and pc 2 runs XP Pro

I am trying to run a dedicated server on pc 2 and then join the game on pc 1 over the internet.

The game cannot be found on the Internet though only on Lan.

If I run a non-dedicated server on pc 2 it doesn't show up anywhere??!!

However both pcs can join any other servers on the internet.

Can anyone offer a solution? (in English)

Cheers guys, ya can do it!



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#2 13 years ago

if you are on a network chances are when the packets from the server are sent to the game's server (that shows what servers are up) they are recieved fine. when they are returned from that server however they go to whatever routing device you have (be it a server or a router) and that device doesn't know where to take it. if the device is capable of NAT network address translation then it would work (if u can figure out how to set it up). good luck

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#3 13 years ago

if you have anything to do with a router/firewall. this is the problem in a nut shell. i went through this for three hours. If you have any ( ANY FORM AT ALL) firewall up, it will stop you dead. i even gave correct permissions and port numbers and it wouldn't allow me to host. That is till i dropped the firewall and let it through that way ...our server worked out fine.