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11th January 2008

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#1 1 year ago

So I couldn't exactly fly out to Britain to go watch "They Shall Not Grow Old" and I just can't get hold of a DVD of it. Has one of you actually seen it? I would be interested in hearing about it and most reviews apparently feel too much flag-wavingly enchanted to stop fellating Peter Jackson for so much as a second and actually talk about the damned film.

One or two of you may remember I'm a historian who has put one of his foci on depictions of history in media and this obviously is of interest to me, even while acknowledging it's in big parts a work of fiction. The hype around it makes it clear it's important to remembrance culture and may even become a memory space of its own.

Thus, if you will, even if you haven't exactly read into WW1 very closely, any review of what that film conveys to you (both in terms of information and emotion), how it treats the matter, and so on, would be very welcome if one of you has seen it.