Arthur C Clarke died 3/18/08 age 90 3 replies

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17th July 2003

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#1 11 years ago

Writer Arthur C. Clarke dies at 90 - Yahoo! News

He will be missed. He is credited with the concept of the communications satellite and wrote a number of SciFi stories including 2001, 2010, Rendevous with Rama, and others.

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17th December 2005

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#2 11 years ago

He lead a full life. I wouldn't be sad.

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13th November 2004

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#3 11 years ago

Gotta agree. He certainly achieved a lot and with 2001: A Space Odyssey, he pretty much rewrote sci-fi.

A great man, with a great mind. In a humorous way, at least people will be able to catch up on his books, considering he had hundreds of them! Clearly, a man who enjoyed exploring everything, and why not!


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13th May 2004

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#4 11 years ago

He will be missed, by me as well. One of my favorite writers, and one of the relatively few science fiction authors that along with great stories gave us incredible ideas to ponder, about the universe and ourselves. I salute you Mr. Clarke. :salute: