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10th December 2006

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#1 13 years ago

yo guys me and my sis are huge fans of the series, and were devestated by the produces leaving us with that cliffhanger! anyway, we had a 5 hour car journey to london so a convisation started about the ending, my sis went on about starbuck sacrificing herself to save the fleet (cos shees a starbuck maniac) but i sugested that on the fleets final jump they end up by mars. after a short wide scan of the area they find earth! yay them! so they prep for a jump into orbit (otherwise they would be 1 - 2 years away at sublight engines) then. DRADIS CONTACT!!! 8 base ships jump in out of weapons range right behind them, nukes primed and ready for a fight... crap... we're all gona die... NO! adama: dee, have all the ships make a run for earth, helm, hard to starbord, turn this ship arround. we're gona cover the civi's as the make a run for earth. evryones like... wtf?!?!?! but they do it. appolo and trhe rest of the vipers are in the tubes and they know its a fight they might not come back from. anyway, galactica gets straight into it and has a go at a base star while the others close in, one base star breaks away and follows the civi's. Galactica and the fleet are well and truley... DRADIS CONTACT! 5 unkown contacts jump into weapons range and start blowing the crap outa a few of the base stars. basestarts pull off a bit.unknown- unidentifyed warship, identify yourself or you will be fired upon. adama- this is the battlestar galactica, to whome am i speaking too. unknown: this is the battlestar rhiken... need a hand? HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE? cos to be honest, we havent realy seen a full fleged war yet. the best we've seen is peggy and galactica V 2 base stars, or peggy v 3 base stars (but we didnt see THAT much action if u know what i mean, the salvo fire was the best.) and obvs, the battle over new caprica. but what do u think about that? would it be a good ending (obvioudly the diplomatical rubbish follows the battle if galactica survives) i think that would be an awesome ending! (soz for long post, but it was a long car trip :P) Ruley :cya: