Demolition Man predicts future? 5 replies

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24th April 2003

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#1 13 years ago

I watched Demolition Man a lil while ago. I noticed a few things. First off, the movie was made in 1994...

(1) It talks about the "Schwarzenegger Presenditial Liberary". So in the movies timeline, Arnold was president. Now Arnold is Govenor, and people want to amend the consititution to allow him to run for the Presidency.

(2) In the beginning, there is a list of parolees that will be unfrozen and tried. On the list is "Scott Peterson", same name as the man who killed his wife and unborn child in Modesto, Califorina.

I just thought that these 2 things were a tad odd...


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8th January 2005

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#2 13 years ago

As to the first thing about the Schwarzenegger library, I sure that was just a joke by the producers. I mean who woulda thought the terminator would go from action movies to politics and governor overnight. And the second thing you were talking about with the name "Scott Peterson", what a coincedence that is eh. Overall the movie was pretty good for its time and even now its still good, the only concept of the future that seemed wrong was the "sex" part with the helmets and everything. Thats what I consider odd and wrong to boot.


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14th April 2004

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#3 13 years ago

i laughed when i first saw it. i really doubt he'll be the president anyways


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29th May 2003

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#4 13 years ago

Its probably just a major coincidence, and a big joke at arnie.


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6th September 2004

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#5 13 years ago

I allways liked that movie. Nifty coincidence. Anyways Peterson got the Death penalty. And we're not using seashells as TP yet. winkx.gif Murder,Death,Kill,Murder,Death,Kill,Murder,Death,Kill.....


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12th February 2004

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#6 13 years ago

Have you tried seashells? It HURTS!