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#1 12 years ago

This is totally random and everything but I'd like to see if anyone else has ever done this...

Is it just me or does anyone else ever get the actors Aaron Eckhart and Thomas Jane mixed up?

Thomas Jane:

Spoiler: Show

Aaron Eckhart:

Spoiler: Show

With the two of them in front of you to compare it may seem obvious that they're very different but I dont know - before I REALLY knew who they were I always thought they were the same guy.

To give you an idea...Eckhart has been in movies like Thank For Smoking, Paycheck, The Core, and The Black Dahlia

Jane played in such films as The Punisher, Dreamcatcher, Deep Blue Sea, and the The Thin Red Line The only thing that gives it away I guess is that Jane has a much lower, more gritty voice then Eckhart.