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#1 13 years ago

For ne of you readers out there i have a wonderful book for you Elantris here is a link for info(only 1 i could find):[COLOR=Orange][COLOR=DarkOrange]Amazon.com: Elantris: Books: Brandon Sanderson[/COLOR] [/COLOR] It is about a city called Elantris where everything was beautiful and perfect The Elantreans were Beautiful Allpowerful beings any one in the cities surrounding Elantris could be taken by the Shaod which turned them into Elantreans until one day it was all reversed the city immediately rotted and decayed the shaod still took people but it turned them into old sickly beings that could never get rid of pain because once pain was inflicted that same pain stayed with them forever.

This is a very good book which i suggest you get and read immediately once you even start getting bored of it it immediately pulls you in with another twist.

Feel free to post comments or questions