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#31 11 years ago

Anlushac11;4014175No fair, I already voted before Dr.Who and others was added.

Favorite all time TV show for me is Babylon 5. The special effects were incredible for TV of the day and the stories were excellent.

Only other show I can think of is Dexters Lab.

Sorry, I didn't count of people being unable to vote after I zeroed all of the numbers.

I could always kill and then repost the poll. That should kill the repost prevention.


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7th November 2007

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#32 11 years ago

I have never watched Dr. Who, and i sometimes watch Prison Break, and ithink it is nice.:nodding:


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3rd March 2006

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#33 11 years ago

None of the ones on the list have gotten my interest enough for me to watch a few episodes. Of the few shows that I watch on a regular basis, I would have to say Supernatural or Smallville are my favorites. It is a toss up between those two.


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#34 11 years ago

Never watched any on the list. The only show I watch semi--regularly these days is Scrubs, which is absolutely hilarious.


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25th March 2005

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#35 11 years ago

Lost Star trek Stargate Atlantis (sg suxx!) Babylon 5 BSG The Block (belgian show) In the beginning, i loved to watch Temptation Island :D

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#36 11 years ago

Bleach Mythbusters LOST GhostHunters Anything really on History Channel Dirty Jobs Scrubs My Name is Earl Life South Park Drawn Together How It's Made M*A*S*H Who's Line is it Anyway (US and British versions) Anything on VH1Classic (Classic Rock FTW!!!) Celebrity Death Match Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Best show of all time, but they don't air it anymore)

I'm sure there is more

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