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26th November 2004

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#21 14 years ago

Probably the lesbian sex scene between Peggy and Grizelda in John Water's "Desperate Living." That has got to be one of the funniest and wierdest things I've seen.


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14th April 2004

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#22 14 years ago
CamBoif you pay close attention to it, you can see that he spells it "Adolph" :nodding:

i also wondered that he signed in english rather than german:p


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10th November 2003

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#23 14 years ago

Gone in 60 Seconds: The "Elanor" Chase :cool:

Gone in 60 Seconds: When Donnie and Sphinx almost get carjacked at gunpoint, Donnie punches the carjacker and says "That ain't no way to steal a car! You need a role model! :lol:

Goldeneye: Boris saying "I am invincible!" before he's frozen :lol:

The Matrix: Lobby Scene :cool:

Star Ears: The Empire Strikes Back: "We have spotted Imperial walkers..." :cool:

EuroTrip: Club Vandersexxx :lol: :lol: :lol:



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17th August 2004

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#24 14 years ago

When Chris Benoit made Triple H tap out at Wrestlemania XX.... oh wait, we're talking about movies :P One of my favorites was the whole "Omaha Beach" scene in Saving Private Ryan (I dunno how to do quote so...)

Goldeneye: Boris saying "I am invincible!" before he's frozen :lol:

That was classic dude :D

Count Nosferatu

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22nd February 2004

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#25 14 years ago
VertigoEvery single time Ming The Merciless opens his mouth (from the 1980 Flash Gordon movie with Max Von Sydow).

What about Lo Pan? He was cooler Funniest Movie scenes "You think I'm funny" scene from Goodfellas Oklahoma scene from Goodfellas 101 scenes from Clockwork Orange [I'm singing in the rain probably is the funniest] Gary Oldman's massacre of a family while totally high in Leon [sounds sick but trust its funny "You don't like Beethoven!!!!!"] "Fwee Wodewick" You know what I'm talking about "Once again we Frenchmen outwit you silly Eeengleesh types" from you know what When Wyonna Ryder copped it in Alien 4 :) Any well known scene from the Shining [I couldn't take that film seriously it was too funny] Chow Yun Fat in the hospital with a shotgun in Hard Boiled [nonwar film with the highest body count] THAT scene from the Ring [I'm not easily kooked out but that got me bad] Baptism scene in Godfather Michael Corleone's grief on the steps of the Opera House in Godfather III Ride of the Valkyries scene from Apoc Now Amon Goeth's soliloquy with Helen Hirsch in Schindler's List ["Hath not a Jew eyes"... classic outburst of conscience] Ending of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Optimus Prime's fight with Megatron Optimus Prime's death [STFU! I was teeny when I saw that film and it was very poignant] There are many many others [I haven't even begun on Kurosawa] but another time...

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28th July 2002

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#26 14 years ago

all of Monty Python and the Holy Grail

and The Passion of the Christ....

If there is no image, Mikey broke something...


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8th July 2003

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#27 14 years ago

I liked all of the new scenes in the extended LOTR: Return of the King, i was suprised at how much they had left out of the original, some brilliant scenes are in the extended. Mouth of Sauron was one of the best parts.


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5th January 2005

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#28 14 years ago

1. D-Day scene in Saving Private Ryan. 2. When Bruce Lee is going after Han in Enter the Dragon and he whoops up everyone in his path. 3. When Harry tells Sally how he loves her at the end during the New Year's Party.


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24th October 2002

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#29 14 years ago
Count NosferatuWhat about Lo Pan? He was cooler

Ming The Merciless gets to say "Pathetic earthling!". He is the man. Nice one Trillian for mentioning Donnie Darko by the way!

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7th March 2003

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#30 14 years ago

in men in black II; the scene where kay opens the locker in grand central station only to find that it is inhabited by an entire community of little furry aliens. funny as hell, especially the dialogue.