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Mythbusters Rule

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16th December 2004

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#41 13 years ago

ACTION Robocop 2 when he bounces a bullet of the wall. When i first saw that i thought it was ace. Predator Poncho "Your bleeding" Blain "I aint got time to bleed". Ace Who Dares Wins The end bit when the S.A.S. storm the mansion is toatally cool Comedy Starship Troopers It was on telly the other night and its one of the best comedys i'v seen Mystery Men The way the Spleen talks nearly made me piss my self "Pull my fingersh"

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26th September 2004

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#42 13 years ago

[COLOR=navy]Return of the Jedi - When luke refuses to join the emporor, the look on his face is priceless.[/COLOR] Donnie Darko - when his gf was run over.... Episode III - The Sidious Yoda fight Devils Advocate - the line "[COLOR=navy]Well, on a scale of one to ten... ten being the most depraved act of sexual theatre known to man... one being your average Friday night run-through at the Lomaxes' household... I'd say, not to be immodest, Mary Ann and I got it on at about... seven." [/COLOR] [COLOR=navy]Batman Forever - the riddler "Batman? Comming for you? ...... I'm counting on it!"