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#1 5 years ago

There are only a few shows I watch, TWD, FTWD and Person of Interest.  I did watch the Blacklist but kind had to force myself to watch it (too many silly things right from episode 1 such as the whole deal it the transport. just lol) and Sleepy Hollow (first seasons were good, last season was meh, the current season lost me). Oh and the Strain, one or two fun episodes but the rest is just utterly ridicilous! 

FTWD isn't too bad but just as it's big brother you see stupid people doing very stupid things to make up an other episode. Most of that can be accepted, being part of suspension of disbelieve, people do stupid things in real life too. Some just don't make sense though, such as in season one going back to the closed school for supplies and then forgetting all about these supplies once you are there and dealt with the zombies... There are things like that in nearly every episode, which makes it slightly worse then it's brother. Some things  just annoy me though.

In the last few episodes (season 2) I'm frustrated by the huge time gap. Take Flight 462, it is the last flight to take off before the airports close down. It can't land, and eventually crashes. One of the kids sees the plane going down in season one when they are about to evacuate. Then there is a sudden time jump of several days (very annoying, I expected the series to show the downfall of society in more detail!!) , they stay in a perimeter set up by the army for a bunch of days, eventually head for the boat, are on it for 1-2 day.   15-20 days  seem to have passed since the plane went down. Then supprisingly they do encounter some people from the plane, still alive. I got very confused, as in the way the crash and it's survivors were represented the thing must have come down 1-2 days ago.  They were not on the raft for days on end, the person stuck in the hull could not have survived without water for days. But the people from the main cast have are cleary 2-3 weeks into the outbreak, after planes were grounded.  I checked with the FTWD wiki and that timescale pretty much matches what I expected. So the bloody plane must have flown into a wormhole and came out 2-3 weeks later...  Could this have been written any worse? 

And once they tow the survivors, give them water, food and some supplies, they let them go. Those people in the raft could have survived for 1-2 days with easy and probanly longer. As the timing goes they seem to have been picked up less then half a day later or well wthin 24 hours and the  Alex is in a raging fury about how she  was doomed when supplies run out. How did she manage that? Maybe a knob head would have managed to srew up but she seems like a survivalist..   

The way the exchange was done was laughable,  baddies brought no backup or guns, our heroes apparantly did not ask for any backup either such as from the dude that recently joined them and seemed like an excellent shot. Dismissing all that,  the way our heroes played things during the exchange had "our heroes are fucked" written all over it,  but as by a miracle everything turned out in their favour. Just... idiocy.

Last episode was uninspiring, looks like the a other Hershell's Farm (what a wasted season was that) and what the hostess is up to is not exactly original either. All rather cliché. 

Not a bad show but so many good oppertunies seem to have gone to waste. :(