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This more a gathering of on the spur posts inside the spam forum. But I'll continue it :)

Warhammer 40k meets starcraft.

Somewhere in the Koprulu sector A slimmer in the fabric of space opened. Something else began to crawl out in tendrils. Yet it wa spushed aside by five massive hulks of metal. The tendrils spread before being suddenly cut down as the gash in space closed.

It was almost an illusion, the only testament of the slit's existance being the five ships, where there were none before. The battlegroup Imperra Tertius arrived to realspace.

On the bridge of the largest and thus command ship, the Ignus Dei, the opulently decorated bridge is bristling with activity. Men, women and the grossly mechanical servitors are all attending their stations. "Helm, what does our navigator tell us about our last jump? It didn't seem to be correct." "My lord, our navigator remains silent as of yet, but our cogitators are already making rough estimates as to our location and time. The holy spirits say we have arrived on the day as planned. Yet they still have not finished calculating our location. Their rough estimates place is thousands of lightyears away from the basking glory of the imperium." The captain of the vessel, sporting a uniform just as ornate as the ship itself seems to pause for a moment before speaking up again. "Priest Teleca, make a sweeping scan of the system via auspex and listen to anything coming trough the vox." "Aye my lord, I shall do as you command."

Minutes pass as the large hololithic display in the center of the bridge fills with the litter of the system the battlegroup landed it.

Suddenly, the servitor in charge of the vox grid begins to scream in the raw mechanical language.

The techpriest begins to translate even before the captain requests him to do so. "My lord captain, the we pick up a signal trough the vox. A call for help." The man holding the captains rank harshly laughs. "A call for help? Here? Do not be silly priest Teleca, the only ones that would call for help so far out would be the filthy xenos!" "My lord, I do not know how to explain it, but it appears to be in some primitive form of gothic, my cogitator lobes tell me, it is an ancient language of holy Terra itself, english." "Then patch it trough priest. Let us hear what the message has to say." The vox-hailers of the bridge begin to blurt out static at first, then turning into an endlessly looping message. "This is the terran battlecruiser Expedious, hailing any ships, we are stranded, our hyperdrives dead. We are under attack by the zerg. We require immediate help. This is the terran battle..." "Enough!", shouted the captain. "Let us see these so-called terrans. Signal the fleet, we convey on their location."

Five giant and powerful engines suddenly lit up their surrounding space. Where there was darkness, now was the blinding hot fury of plasma engines. The five ships sped towards the the other side of the system.

The Expedious was aflame. Her hull breached on mutiple locations. Yet she was not yet defeated. Her mighty laser batteries mounted on her prow lighted up the space between her and laid waste to the zerg formation in front of her. Yet she couldn't last for much longer. Her hyperdrive essentially dead, the Expedious was merely an organised hunk of metal waiting to be turned into a molten globe in space. Her screen of dozens of Wraiths and Valkyries were almost dead, the last fleeting survivors desperately fighting the countless banana like mutalisks. The two zerg carriers on the sides of the zerg formation where launching scores of scourges at the Expedious. Most of these were picked down by the PDS of the mighty battlecruiser, but those that made it trough burned trough bulkheads, killing the crew behind them.

"Captain, unless someone notices our call, the Expi, is going to be a lifeless wreck in less than twenty minutes. The damage control parties don't have enough time to flick together the hyperdrive by then." Captain Frisca turned to her XO sighing. "I know Carl, just tell them to double their work and hope that someone, anyone hears us." "Ma'am," her tactical officer shouted, "We're picking up contact coming from starboard. Distance .. 0h seven five AU, they are moving at ... ... ... oh seven five light. And they're hailing us. Audio only. Seems there's more in the signal, but the computers have no idea what format it is." "ON SCREEN!"

The speakers on the bridge rattled with static at first, slowly forming into coherent speech. The language on the other hand, was far from being as discernible as the speech itself. It was a complex mix of latin, english, chinese and a number of other asian, african and european languages. But the general gist was understandable. A powerful voice conveyed the message. "Expedious, this is the Ignus Dei, the Emperor has willed that we find you on this day. Expect us, and four other ships to come to your aid. I presume you are the ship locked in the middle." "Ignus Dei, this is the Expdeious, your help is welcomed and sorely needed.. Expedious out." "Darn," Frisca cursed of screen," looks like the good old emperor Mengsk has found some new toys and people. Well it's still better him, than the zerg." "Captain, I don't think it's the Dominion, we just got a reading on those ships - the smallest one of them is only about a hundred meters shorter than we are. And I'm not even speaking of the leading one. On top of that, the speed at which they're moving..." "Damn it, just send one of the remaing wraith squads to lead them in." "Aye Captain"

Six wraith fighters turned away from the engagement, followed by an array of the zerg, and headed towards the mighty vessels of the imperium. The five ships were the Ignus Dei, an aging, seven hundred year old emperor class battleship, the two smaller avenger class cruisers the Dreadlock and the Serpentine, the exorcist cruiser Orkfist and lastly the fastest of the five, the sovereign cruiser Non Non Beta. The speed of these five was truly impressive, their weapon bristling hulls even more.

"Lord Captain, a number of the smaller ships have disengaged from the conflict and are heading in our direction." "Place them on them on the hololithic display" "Of course my lord." Suddenly the ancient holo globe sparked into life. The Ignus Dei in it's middle, the other ships arrayed around it. "Do a full scan of he incoming ships, I trust that the leading ones are of our friends." "Aye lord....My lord captain, you were correct, while the cogitators do not recognize the designs of the leading ships, it appears they are clearly something entirely different than the craft pursuing them." "Tactical, order the furies to launch and take out the pursuers, we do not wish to hurt those six ships." "Understood my lord."

It took less than five seconds for the furies, the fighter ships of the imperium to launch and lay waste to the zerg mutalisks pursuing the desperate wraiths.

These soon came to the hailing distance of the imperial ships and opened comm channels.

"Lord contact on the vox." "Patch it trough." "Understood my captain."

"Ignus Dei, this is Captain Breinsky of the Koprulu Liberation Front. We're in your debt for the save of our sorry asses out there. A moment longer and we'd be dead weight. We're to lead you in within fighting distance of the zerg. Briensky over and out."

"Understood captain Briensky, please lead on."

Aboard the Expedious

"Ma'am, friendly ships in range in five minutes, hold the ships started to fire. That's way over anything I've ever seen. They outrange the Toss by at least a million clicks." "Tactical, their range." "Uhm four point five million clicks ma'am and closing." "How's the zerg fleet holding up?" "Ma'am, there is no Zerg fleet." "What!" Frisca shouted, an edge in her voice. "What happened to it?" Her tactical officer slowly, almost unbelievingly replied. "Captain, the zerg fleet was obliterated by the first salvo those five ships send at it. It looks like their fighter screen is assisting our own now battling the last reaming dregs of of the smaller spitters."

The entire crew of the Expedious was on their feet. The sheer power displayed by the imperial ships was nigh unbelievable. A zerg fleet that would probably have enacted at least some casualties from any formation the Terrans or Prottoss could put up was whisked away as if it never were in an eye's blink. Aboard the Ignus Dei

"My lord captain, the starfuries and our auspex report the complete eradication of the enemy. What now?" "Signal the fleet. Please request Inquisitor Vicarus, Librarian Inort and Magos Czarnist to the shuttle area. I believe it is time to see the insides of the Expedious ourselves." "Will do my lord."

Bay of the Expedious

"Bravo squad, guard formation!", bellowed the powerfully build man in the bulky terran marine armor. He commanded the other twenty four soldiers clad in the same. They towered over two meters tall, their gauss rifles ready and visors down. They were arrayed in a simple pure V-formation, standing guard at the blast door leading deeper into the Expedious. They were waiting for the large, ornate craft to set down inside the hold. The giant eagle on the vessels hull caught their eyes at once, but they showed nothing. The ramp lowered and filed a number of large humans, each almost two meters tall themselves. They had a full body armor as well, but not bulky at all, compared to those of the marines. "Dah, look at them, they're dressed like civies. I'd wanna see any of them stand up against an ultra. you know, maybe we could have some fun with them. Oh shit!." The comm chatter between the terran marines abruptly ended as the heavy boots of four space marines clanged on the deck floor. The mighty space marines were giants, standing far over three meters tall. Their weapons seemed small and panzy at first glance, but a second look showed heavy use. After the imperial troops arrayed themselves into a formation around the Aquila lander nothing happen for a moment, until four people walked out. One a giant like the other space marines, clad in the grey color they sported, another person in the same armor, yet far smaller, a person that was clearly some kind of leader from all the medals and ribbons he had and a person that almost resembled a zerg infested terran, except that all the piping, mandibles and extra arms weren't biologic, but mechanical. The commander of bravo saluted, and waited for a response.