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#1 12 years ago

Is it just me or did this movie somewhat get....ignored, for a lack of a better term?

I just watched it for the first time since I saw it in theaters back in November. I liked it more this time around and I'm thinking that's b/c when I first went to see it I was thinking it was gonna be the Saving Private Ryan formula mix of constant war-action and drama. Now knowing that it is more centered on sticking with the book and telling the story of the flag raisers I could appreciate it a lot more.

This was a good movie. I dont know why some people argue this fact and choose to ignore it's importance. Yes - Eastwood's other film Letters from Iwo Jima is supposed to be better and is nominated for Best Picture this year, but I feel like this one got the shaft a little bit...

This film should really be rewarded for it's historical accuracy if anything...if you've ever seen more than 2 pictures from Iwo you can see that what Eastwood creates and what the pictures show us are almost exact...I was amazed at how much what he did looked like the real thing. It also was pretty true to the book and the most minute detail that proves this film is above the rest is a very small part towards the end where Doc finds Iggy...they dont show you or mention what exactly the Japs did to Iggy - and that actually sets this movie apart from a lot of others...it would seem insignificant to someone who doesnt see a lot of films but this is something important.

Now I know someone is gonna respond and say something along the lines like: "but he says in the book that he never found out what actually happened to Iggy..." that doesnt mean that Eastwood couldnt've made something up though, or could've actually found out and put it in there...I'm sure someone knows out there.

The movie also earned some personal points cuz my grandfather is in one of the pictures that rolls during the credits.

What did you guys think or feel about this film?