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13th September 2010

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#1 8 years ago


Has anyone here ever seen Gattaca (1996)? I saw this movie about a year ago and it was probably one of the most inspirational and touching films I've ever seen. It's set in the near future where humanity has developed genetic engineering, and where people who aren't genetically modified are discriminated against by the government. However one unmodified human is determined to get into the space program, so he goes to extreme lengths in order to get into the program. It's an amazing movie with many themes, I highly recommend it. You can watch the full movie for free on Hulu (US residents only).

Full Movie: Hulu - Gattaca - Watch the full feature film now. Soundtrack: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.


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17th July 2003

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#2 8 years ago

When I first heard of this movie it was when a former boss and her sister went to see it and went off on a total bitch fest about how the movie had no point, how it was stupid and tehy didnt understand it. Based on that I did not bother to go see it.

One night about a year or two go the movie came on and I decided to sit through and watch it.

1) I think Gattaca was a excellent movie and was very impressed. The story and acting IMHO were first rate. Genetic enhancement and perfect bodies pale in comparison to the human will and spirit to push on despite adversity.

2) I decided my former boss and her sister were idiots and decided to never make a decision based on someone else's opinion.

I later got fired by that boss after my boss and her sister described how the Barbie doll destroyed their lives by creating a artificial standard of beauty they could never achieve and made then insecure and lacking self confidence.

I pointed out that the problem had less to do with a stupid plastic doll than their overbearing control freak father and reality challenged mother.