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#1 14 years ago

what is your favorite genre of films and what makes you come back for more? i think that comedy appeals to everyone. but i just watched Clockers and it really made me think and that is an example of drama. what makes you coming back for more??? dont let this sway your opinion, but i will always like comedy more, an i have always favored it. i think that a movie can make you feel many things, but none make you laugh till you puke and roll over on the ground and suffucate on a chicken bone. (obviously hasnt happened yet, but still...) but i really want to know your opinions... :feedback:

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#2 14 years ago

Chick flick icon14.gif Must I truly explain why? I think it's fairly obvious.


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12th February 2005

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#3 14 years ago

I really don't have a 'favorite' genre, I watch any movie. So far only one I truly hate, and that's the Barney Sing Along video my parents made me watch with my lil sister. I was mentally scarred after that horrific experience:eek:

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#4 14 years ago

Let's just say its in that roped off section of the rental place :p