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#11 11 years ago
Cap'n Rommel;3879222In case you hadnt noticed, all the victims in the hitman series was in some way "Evil" be it murderes, smuglers, pushers, child melester

Not when I played. I killed EVERYONE! ;)

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#12 11 years ago

Nemmerle;3879241Policemen, diplomats... =p The point of the Hitman games wasn't that you were killing these people because they were evil; you were killing them for the money. 'Can you afford it?' 47 asks, not, 'Are they really naughty people?' Attempting to portray the character as someone who kills to 'bring us peace' is like claiming a gang war is full of altruistic people trying to get rid of gangs.[/quote]

I was just pointing out that the ones you need to kill to gain monies :P is usually bad guy, give me one example of a victim (from which you get paid) who isnt "evil"/bad guy. It might not be intentional from 47 side, but it is from The Agencys

[quote=gizmo;3879246]Not when I played. I killed EVERYONE! ;)


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