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#1 13 years ago

In fifty years time who do you think will be the people in the entertainment business we remember? Be it musicians, actors, directors, whatever. Who will we remember in the same way we remember Frank Sintra, or Clark Gables?

I can't think of too many in this day and age who will outlast this generation, but I can imagine a few, such as William Shatner who will likely be remembered, as well as a few others such as Harrison Ford. When it comes to music I can't really think of any bands or singers who will live on, partically because there are so many. Everyone has their own music and there isn't really anything that everyone can agree they like, unlike Frank Sintra or the Beatles.

While I was thinknig about this I thought of something else, that we have a new group of celebrities who have appeared in the past decades, that being video game charecters. I think we can safely say that Mario and Sonic will be remembered but will anyone remember Master Cheif?