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13th March 2008

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IN SEARCH OF A MIDNIGHT KISS Official website: In Search of a Midnight Kiss

It's New Year¹s Eve in L.A. Wilson (Scoot McNairy) is a 29-year old guy who has just had the worst year of his life, is new to Los Angeles, has no date, n concrete plans and every intention of locking the doors and forgetting the last year ever happened. That is until his best friend, Jacob (Brian McGuire), browbeats him into posting a personal ad. Enter Vivian (Sara Simmonds), a strong-willed woman hell bent on bein with the right guy at the stroke of midnight. Together they begin a chaotic, hilarious, touching journey through the black and white streets of L.A. in the waning hours of the year. Director: Alex Holdridge Release Date: 13th of June 2008 1205839898950.jpg