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17th July 2003

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#1 8 years ago


save your money and wait til it come out on pay per view or a local dollar theater.

Special Effects are top notch, storyline was lacking, and a IMHO pointless romance angle involved.

IMHO - In My Humble Opinion

Seriously do not read spoiler if you dont want to know what happens

Spoiler: Show

You were warned

Spoiler: Show

All that crap in the previews about resistance and fighting back? Humans get wiped out and there is not a damm thing we can do makes a difference. As the Borg quote goes "Resistance is futile". The Aliens come to Earth to harvest humans as a resource with as much concern as humans show harvesting corn or mining metal. The Aliens use biotechnology and to them we are a natural resource.

The Aliens use some kind of light technology that infects humans and makes us susceptible to mind control and makes us stronger and faster, I'm guessing to make us more compatible for harvesting.

The Millitary tries to fight back but they are overpowered by the Aliens.

A US Army attempt to drive into the city and attack the Aliens gets wiped out.

A USAF attack by MQ-9 Reaper drones and X-45C air combat drone fighters attack and mix it up and Aliens wipe the air attack out but not before one gets off a Tactical nuke on the mothership and destroys it and a carbonized and mostly destroyed Mothership crashes to earth. Oh but wait the Alien mothership suddenly starts putting itself back together and regenerating itself like a Borg cube but even a Borg cube never sustained this much damage and survived.

The main characters attempt to flee but that turns out to be futile. They try to hide in the building but that turns out to be futile. The US Navy show up off the coast with a carrier group and another large air battle develops over L.A. but that gets wiped out and the carrier group destroyed.

The movie ends with the main characters getting sucked up into the Mothership like everyone else did and we see what happens to those abducted.

Spoiler: Show
The Aliens are harvesting humans for our brains and tehy grab still living people, yank the brains out of the bodies and send them up to another area to be used as control modules for biomechanical creatures, kinda like biological computers. In one scene a used up or dead brain is pulled out and a new human brain inserted in and the Alien creature unit flies off to do its new masters bidding. The headless bodies seem to be tossed into a vat of blue liquid to be recycled. The main male character who seems pretty useless through the movie suddenly can control the Alien body he is put in and busts loose and rampages through the Alien mothership, finds his girl, defends her from being harvested, and thats how it ends with Alien motherships all over the world harvesting all the humans from population centers and the smaller flyers using sensors to scan buiildings and such to locate any humans hiding out.


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25th March 2005

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#2 8 years ago

seems good! XD So top notch effects but crappy story.. seems like a hollywood movie imo!


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14th July 2004

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#3 8 years ago

I'm still going to see it, even after reading the spoilers (wish I didn't, but can't help that now). An interesting plot mind you, at least, it sounds it. Doesn't seem to be an actual army of aliens though like we were maybe expecting.

Sounds more like a Tyranid Fleet from W40k.